A nationwide network of television professionals now broadcasting local content to digital and social viewers.

About Us

Phone and TabletWelcome to the website for The Social Station Network. This is a place where we house much of our content but in no means is it a place where people come to watch the content.  Many of the videos on this site have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people in various local markets because in addition to being parked on this website, they are also hosted natively on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many others. We like to call it The Social Stream.

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A product of digital media company SPX Productions, The Social Station network is a hybrid of traditional television broadcasting and advertising mixed with today’s digital and social media platforms. The Social Station Network is a news station re-invented for today’s viewer and local advertiser. Our content creators are a collection of television news anchors, reporters, producers, photographers, and editors with decades of experience in local broadcasting. In today’s world, it doesn’t make sense for us to wait for you to turn on the TV at 5:00pm to find our content. Instead, we find you when you’re on your phone, tablet, or computer searching your favorite social networks and looking to discover something new, exciting, or informative that relates to you and your community.

Phone imageBased in Phoenix, Arizona we have affiliates launching consistently across the country. While our list of feature programs and series continues to grow, our current programming in most markets consists of sponsored content from your favorite local businesses.

All of our stories and short programs can easily be shared and posted on your favorite social media sites. So if one of our stories finds you while your surfing social media, and it connects with you…. share it!

Thanks for watching The Social Station Network.


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